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Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business located in Summerville, SC just outside of Charleston.  In 2002 while taking a nice motorcycle ride one Sunday afternoon, we were hit by a drunk driver.  While we both survived, the effects of the crash can still be felt.  Several years later we were visiting Canada on business.  While there, we were approached by a local merchant who noticed my wife walking with a slight limp.  The merchant showed us some beautiful hematite jewelry similar to what we now sell here and claimed that it had therapeutic effects that would help with my wife's limping.  Skeptical at first, we decided to look around for other souveniers.  We finally decided to purchase two bracelets from the local merchant with little expectation that they could help someone like my wife.  Having worn the bracelet for about a week, my wife noticed that the chronic swelling in her legs had gone down considerably and she barely had to use any pain medicine.  Not believing it could be a result of the bracelet, she took it off and within a few days her swelling had come back.  She immediately put the bracelet back on and really hasn't taken them off since.  After not being able to contact our friend in Canada, we decided to do some research on hematite and its benefits.  We then decided to start making jewelry ourselves in hopes of helping out our friends and family with similar ailments.  From there our Beyond Jewlery business was born.  We pride ourselves on making beautiful jewelry that does more than just look good.  Since 2007 we have gone to numerous shows in the southeast and have had an overwhelmingly positive response.  We continuously get asked if we have a website so that our customers can show their friends and family the products we have to offer.  We hope that our products work as well for you as they have for us and that as you look through our website you will find something that interests you.


 Thank you-

Rick and Pam